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Woodlands Baldivis
Design Guidelines


As a developer, we are committed to creating a community that offers an idyllic premium lifestyle in a semirural setting, with a variety of housing to complement the needs of the residents. We know from many years of experience in crafting residential communities around Perth, that the best quality and most aesthetically pleasing estates are regulated by building Covenants.


These Design Guidelines have been prepared as an easy guide to the Restrictive Covenants. The overarching Restrictive Covenants however are legally binding and in the event of a discrepancy between the Design Guidelines and the Restrictive Covenants, the Restrictive Covenants are the authoritative document that must be adhered to.

Building Approval Process

The building approval process outlined in the progress diagram below has been set in place to ensure a seamless process when building your home, that is in accordance to the estate Covenants and local council building regulations.


When land owners on the estate adhere to these same regulations, you can be assured that the homes of your neighbours and fellow community members will also be designed and built to a similarly high quality to that of your home.

Getting Started

Plan preparation



Engage a builder

Prepare designs and documentation for proposed building

Lodge plans with Woodlands Baldivis for approval

Plan assessment and notifications of compliance with Covenants

Developer Approval

Building Approval

Home Constructed

Fencing & Landscape Bonus

Notification of approval and compliance with Covenants

Submit plans to City of Rockingham for planning approval (if required) and/ or Building Permit

Home constructed in compliance with approvals

Bonus granted if the Building Approval procedure is followed*

*The Developer reserves the right not to grant the bonus if process as shown in the above diagram is not followed.

Read the whole design guidelines by downloading the PDF file below.

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